Thursday, September 4, 2014

Photojourna.list: Marley Pictures [Indio]

Guest blogger Indio (age 4) selects pictures from his camera he wants to post and a (usually) random story to accompany his selections. 

I asked him to tell me the name of these pictures and he chose "Marley", so that is what you get when you ask a 4 year old a question like that.

Indio's story for today (as dictated to me): Once upon a time there was a guy named Indio and he went everywhere. And people gave him rides. And then Indio ate eye cheese, made of eyes. Googly eyes and cupcake monsters eat some earths. And he did it...and the googly monsters' icing hair was made of chocolate and they taste like - mmmm - cupcakes! And there was lots of tasty plants and monsters said, 'It tastes too spicy!' Monsters don't like spicy things.

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